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Here's how people watched the World Cup at work

June 26, 2014: 4:01 PM ET

At least 1.7 million people watched the U.S. soccer team play Germany in the World Cup this afternoon, according to ESPN.

Many of them were watching at work, according to Twitter.

On board Air Force One, President Obama took time out from running the country to cheer on the home team. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm.

The commander-in- chief wasn't the only politician taking in the action. Here's New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo even went so far as to give state employees a long lunch.

Stressed-out investment bankers even took a break.

Astronauts watched from outer space.

Soldiers watched from Afghanistan. At least one of them was armed.

Thousands of miles away, it looked like business as usual at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

Media types went all out. At NPR, they had pie.

Here at CNNMoney, we had pizza.

They watched it at the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Guess which team they support at the American Enterprise Institute?

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    Sure, companies unleash a lot of money -- and creativity (sometimes) -- for Super Bowl ads. But it's World Cup spots that get the eyeballs, at least on the web. Since April, viewers spent 1.2 billion minutes on YouTube watching World Cup ads, according to the video-sharing service. That's about four times what they spent viewing Super Bowl ads this year. What's everyone watching? These:

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    The Wall Street bank on Wednesday released a statistical model for predicting the outcome of the 2014 World Cup, which kicks off June 12 in Brazil.

    Based on a study of international soccer matches since 1960, the football/soccer fans at Goldman expect Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain to reach the semifinals.

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