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Mixed reviews for Janet Yellen on Twitter

March 19, 2014: 3:50 PM ET

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen had a rocky first press conference

As expected, the Fed announced Wednesday it will trim, or taper, its stimulus program by another $10 billion dollars to $55 billion a month starting in April. It's the third straight meeting where the Fed tapered by $10 billion. At this pace, the Fed will end its bond purchases by this fall.

The Fed also removed the 6.5% unemployment threshold for changing rates, saying in its statement that it will "take a balanced approach consistent with its longer-run goals of maximum employment and inflation at 2%."

But stocks fell once new Fed chair Janet Yellen suggested that a rate hike could come as soon as early 2015. The Fed said in its statement that rates would remain low for a "considerable time" after the bond purchases end. But in response to a question about this, Yellen admitted that a "considerable time" could be as short as six months.

The Twitter universe reacted quickly to Yellen's first press conference.

A prominent hedge fund manager was not happy about Yellen's performance.

One financial journalist noted that Yellen was probably doing a better job than the guy who had previously been President Obama's leading choice to replace Ben Bernanke would have.

And another Yellen fan said she had fewer rookie jitters than her predecessor during his first few public appearances.

But Charles Gasparino was grumpy ...

And some listeners were confused by Yellen's endless remarks about the Fed's so-called dot plot chart.

But another reporter didn't think its was that tough to figure out...

There were others who wished they could have asked some questions at the press conference...

Larry Kudlow says it's a work in progress....

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