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BlackBerry faces trash talk ahead of earnings

June 27, 2013: 2:15 PM ET

BlackBerry was having a rough day ahead of earnings

The bulls and bears were going at it over BlackBerry on Thursday.

The smartphone maker reports quarterly results ahead of the market open Friday, and traders on StockTwits were jousting over how to trade the stock.

BlackBerry (BBRY) shares were down about 2% in afternoon trading, despite a rally in the broader market.

$BBRY tanking again. they will miss

Oh snap! They will miss? The bulls aren't going to let that slide.

$BBRY @ms101 OMG! Drama Queen alert! Tanking! Down less than 2% means the sky is falling! LMFAO... don't lose your house. Cover today.

$BBRY@ShareVestor I pointed out yesterday that you should just ignore @ms101. Experienced his BS on other stocks

Uh-oh, things are getting personal. What's your comeback ms101?

$BBRY ignore me at your own peril. Meanwhile I called this stock perfect today! (CandyCoated mentioned). It's all about making $$$$$

Ok, not bad. Can you say that again with more hostility?

$BBRY TANKING. for all you blackberry pumpers. Stop hating. this about making money. It's called trading. STOCK GOING MUCH LOWER

Now, can everyone just settle down a bit please.

$BBRY @ms101 Stop... Just stop... You're embarrassing yourself.

Sigh, it gets uglier.

$BBRY Hey all you whiners (shorts) today is the last day before you have to string that rope up and hang yerself. GO COVER yerself.

The trash talk was not just directed at other StockTwits users. Some even lashed out at CNBC host Jim Cramer, who said investors should wait until BlackBerry shares hit $12 before buying.

$BBRY I don't know why we talk about Cfamer. The man is in the entertainment industry not the financial industry.

$BBRY cramer will be kicking himself on Monday

All the BlackBerry hating is actually good news, since it means the traders betting the stock will fall are getting nervous, according to the traders who are betting it will rise.

$BBRY The level of troll activity BEGGING you to sell should tell you something. HOLD tight...they are sweating hard.

Bears see this as magical thinking.

$BBRY Time for longs to visualize something that they really want. Visualization really works. I want a condo in Hawaii.

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