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Investors electrified by Tesla

April 30, 2013: 11:12 AM ET

Sales of the all-electric Model S are giving Tesla a jolt.

Tesla is on a roll.

Shares of the electric car maker rallied to a new high Tuesday, just days before the company is set to report its first profit ever.

Tesla (TSLA) offered up a preview of that report earlier this month, saying sales of its all-electric Model S were exceeding expectations.

The Model S is a full-size, four-door luxury sports sedan. While it was unveiled in 2009, it wasn't available until last year.

Tesla has sold roughly 7,000 Model S cars since then.

Investors may also be liking the latest driver-friendly warranty being offered by Tesla. In a bid to draw in even more buyers, the automaker is offering a 'no fault' warranty for its Model S batteries.

And it's come up with new financing options for the Model S to make it even easier (and cheaper) to buy the plug-in vehicle.

Tesla shares have gained nearly 70% this year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves to take to Twitter to make announcements and engage with consumers. @elonmusk has more than 191,000 followers.

He's not alone. StockTwits traders took to the airwaves to cheer Tesla on.

$TSLA ha been undervalued for years. Just making up for lost time recently. Earnings will be short squeeze catalyst. This is just a warm up.

That's a good point. There are probably a bunch of naysayers out there who now wish they had placed big bets on the stock rising instead of falling.

$TSLA up35% plus from our April 4th entry reco

$TSLA Overextended far it will run?. Tough to go against flying stock, but it can pay u off well if you have a Bearish

I can't rightly answer that. But I can say it seems to have a bit more room on the upside. Though, many StockTwits traders are calling out the shorts for "squeezing" the stock at this level. That may very well be playing into today's pop since there isn't any definitive news.

But I also think there are those who want to get in before the earnings release.

$TSLA report from Longboard saying TSLA is new Apple and going to $200 Bullish

That's really bullish!

$TSLA profits?... I found a used one for sale. Only one owner. ;)) 2012 Tesla Model S Performance, $92,000 -

Bet that owner wishes those new financing options were around when they bought it 🙂

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