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3D printer stock sinks on sales miss

February 25, 2013: 12:31 PM ET

It's been a rough month for 3D investors

Investors are taking a one-dimensional view of 3D Systems.

The maker of 3D printers reported earnings per share that beat by a penny but revenue fell short and the guidance was uninspiring.

"While we may face lingering economic uncertainties in parts of the world, we expect to continue to benefit from robust R&D and manufacturing spending by our customers worldwide," said CEO Avi Reichental in a statement.

Shares of 3D, which makes the popular Cube printer, tanked more than 20% early Monday.

The company's previously announced 3-for-2 stock split also went into effect Monday.

It seems like 3D may still be a little ahead of its time. At least that's what some StockTwits traders seem to think.

Warned on 3-D printers Friday in Morning Call numbers (and reality) didn't justify hype $DDD $SSYS $XONE

And 3D's lukewarm report dragged down shares of Stratysys (SSYS) and France's Dassault Systems (DASTY) -- two others that dominate the field. Another black mark for 3D is its P/E. The stock is trading at 47 times 2013 projected earnings. That's pretty expensive for a relative newbie.

As soon as $DDD sued Kickstarter months ago, I sold my stock and stopped trusting management. did that on the stream Bearish

I don't know that I would have gone to that extreme. 3D is still pretty new technology so it's no wonder that anyone who's in the market would rush to protect their intellectual property rights. Now, I'm not saying whether 3D Systems had a case or not, I'm merely saying they had a right to question the newcomer.

my wife called the top on $DDD #timestamp on 1/25/13; "yesterday, my wife told me i should buy 3-D stocks she heard about on #NPR $DDD"

CDMCapital"@ZorTrades: The street is confused right now with $DDD...">> Don't think they are confused about anything,this thing is in bubble territoryOne thing I will say is there's no denying that 3D is hot right now....

$DDD Looks like 3D bubble has popped. Rare earths were the hype 3 yrs ago. Then mattresses 2 yrs ago. Last yr was 3D printin. Whats this yr?

Well if 3D was in bubble territory, it looks like that bubble has burst. Maybe that's a good thing. Both the company and investors can take a realistic view of the future.

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