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Best of StockTwits: No Groupon for you!

June 4, 2012: 1:24 PM ET

Maybe Groupon (GRPN) should have sold to Google (GOOG) for $6 billion back in 2010 after all? Shares plunged again Monday following a nearly 10% drop Friday once the lock-up period for insiders expired. And in another corner of Troubled Techland, Research in Motion (RIMM) shares dropped below $10.

JFinDallas : It blew my mind couple weeks ago when people were bidding up$GRPN fake earnings, now reality setting back in... below$GOOG 6B, hubris...

chicagosean: Who knew that coupons would NOT change the world? $GRPN

ReformedBroker: If Leo and Kate Winslet were shareholders in $GRPN, right about now is when they'd be diving off the side.

Groupon is a train wreck. Part of it is probably its own doing. This company may have been better off staying private. But the Facebook (FB) disaster isn't helping. For now, investors have fallen out of love (or is it like?) with social media.

I did a Buzz video Friday that looked more at the lock-up expiration.

gjk67f: $RIMM Pay off time. Eexecutives had too much ego. Never cared about ordinary customers, and friendly with big business only.

AronPinson: I wouldn't buy a Blackberry phone for $9.99... $RIMM however is tempting.

RIMM may look like a bargain. But it's still falling. At last check, shares were at $9.61. There's a reason why I've been using the hashtag #bleakberry every chance I get.

The lack of a real consumer smartphone strategy is coming back to haunt the company. And the further the stock falls, the harder it may be for the company to get a deal done. Any prospective buyer has the luxury of waiting for the stock to get even cheaper.

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