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Tesla tries for new highs

July 26, 2013: 12:14 PM ET

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Tesla shares (TSLA) made a run at record highs early Friday in a burst of optimism following an upgrade by Deutsche Bank.

But the stock struggled to hold the $130 level as the morning wore on, sparking a debate on StockTwits over how much the electric car maker is worth.

The sky's the limit, say the bulls.

$TSLA so the only question is... all time high before of after lunch? lol Unleash The Beast !

$TSLA all time closing high $129.9 lets see if we can get a close above there

Why stop there?

$TSLA heading to $150

Hold on a second, let's not get carried away.

$TSLA Chill out people. We are grinding up into earnings. Expect some volatility along the way. $130 has dead bodies we need to get thru.

After a spectacular run this year, Tesla shares have been volatile as investors await the company's second-quarter report next month.

The 10-year old company, founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, is expected to narrow its losses to 17 cents per share, which would be a marked improvement over the 89-cents-a-share loss in last year's second quarter.

$TSLA earnings on Aug. 7 will be a surprise. The stock should be already trading at at least $427 a share based on a $50 B market cap

That's typical of the kind of emotions investors have for Tesla. They seem to either love it unconditionally, or hate it with a passion.

$TSLA This stock is ready to drop like a rock. I'm no longer a bag holder, and won't be. Sell it. Only buyers are shorts covering.

$TSLA would be fun to see it go negative - just sayin- hey I can dream too like the longs

Wall Street analysts are also very divided.

Friday's upgrade from Deutsche Bank comes little more than a week after a bearish report from Goldman Sachs sent Tesla shares down 14% in one day.

$TSLA This should shut the bears up after the GS debacle. Poor lemmings.

Of course, Tesla's stock bounced back the day after Goldman's report came out, as new buyers took the opportunity to get back in.

$TSLA i wouldn't buy at these up opens I am bullish on this stock and have been in it since it was 50 but many of these up opens end bad.

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