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Angry investors tweet ... about Twitter

November 7, 2013: 12:38 PM ET

Not all investors are a-Twitter about Thursday's big initial public offering.

Twitter (TWTR) shares hit the ground running, surging to a high of $50 a share before pulling back to end the day at $44.90. The social media company priced its IPO late Wednesday at $26 a share.

But the chatter on StockTwits, a Twitter-like service for investors and day traders, was less than flattering at best, and downright vicious at worst.

Here are a few choice examples:

$TWTR Sucker is born ever minute. werms
$TWTR If you buy this, you are out of your mind. DavidNoonan
$TWTR I so want to see this tank big time. crmarketplace
$TWTR This just in - Dog poop will IPO at $65 a share. tangsting

Of course, the irony of using tweets to trash Twitter's IPO did not go unnoticed.

$TWTR - it's nothing to tweet about. Stock_Jockey
$TWTR i just received a tweet not to buy twitter. BennyB
$TWTR remember StockTwits is a form of Twitter. Don't wish it such bad luck. We like this Social Network. But will it make money afernandez321

There was a also game of 'what I use more than Twitter' going on.

$TWTR I use Wikipedia and craigslist more than Twitter. Caviar
$TWTR i use my christmas decorations more than i use twitter StormTrooper78

Some traders were already talking about shorting Twitter.

$TWTR drive the price up so I can short twiifm
$TWTR Starting its descent! Let's see if it gets back to $26 today! Damn, I wish I could short it thecatman

Why all the hate for Twitter? The biggest complaint was that the stock is simply overpriced for a company that has yet to turn a profit.

$TWTR Ridiculously overvalued. kjbusa
$TWTR Will be 10$ in weeks 84JMS
$TWTR Will wait for lower price : this company is not yet profitable! loopx

Another common gripe was that small investors are getting fleeced by the big banks that bought Twitter shares at a lower price.

$TWTR Retail traders will get slaughtered. The banks and initial investors will make millions. SilverMoney
$TWTR as soon as retail little guys go crazy raising the price the BIG guys will take profits and we will be left in the dust? Fixed market. DN28711
$TWTR Many thanks for your money retail investor. Atttn. The fund who bough TWTR months ago... lol RioTwit

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