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Investors still shunning HP

Investors continued to punish Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) Thursday, a day after the company issued a grim outlook for 2013.

Hewlett-Packard extended the previous day's decline, after getting hammered on Wednesday. The stock has had a rough year, sinking more than 40% so far. That makes HP the worst Dow (INDU) performer by far this year.

In fact, it's been a tough couple of years for HP as the company struggles to stay relevant in a mobile world that's being led by Apple (AAPL) and other phone/tablet makers.

Rumors of takeovers and acquisitions are keeping investors on edge as CEO Meg Whitman tries to right the ship.

StockTwits lit up with comments about HP's fate.

ms64: $HPQ I can't see any value now in shorting at this price especially with Oracle as a rumoured potential buyer.

ericjackson: HP's board is now unquestionably the worst corporate board in America. Congrats Marc Andreessen and Ray Lane. $HPQ

In all fairness, Whitman inherited a bit of a mess. Leo Apotheker, her predecessor, only lasted 11 months. And he was HP's third CEO in seven years so clearly the company has had a crisis of confidence at the top.

So maybe it's time for some tough love.

CDMCapital:Meg Whitman tells CNBC,don't worry the problems are "all very fixable"but the stock will suck for the next 3-4 yrs $HPQ

reformedbroker:I count 5 Hewlett-Packard downgrades this morning, thanks guys. The dude at BMO went to a $5 price target! $HPQ

joebones265: $HPQ Whitman: No new HP smartphone coming in 2013 or profits for that matter ethier

No pain no gain. Someone needs to take hold of the reins here and get HP moving forward. No one likes to hear that a company is going to earn less than they'd hoped but Whitman is banking on investors giving her a chance.

MattKelmon: a lot easier to run a disruptive game changer than a dying dinosaur $EBAY $HPQ - better lucky than good.