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Best of StockTwits: Traders say boo-hoo to $LULU

June 7, 2012: 3:14 PM ET

Another momentum darling bites the dust. For now at least. Yoga apparel maker Lululemon (LULU) sank nearly 10% Thursday on weak guidance. Let the downward dog jokes begin.

KidDynamiteBlog: being bearish on $LULU is being bearish on womens' desire to have their butts look good in tight pants. I hate that trade.

Don't we all?

ivanhoff: There was a time when I thought that Ostrich bags and Lululemon pants were recessionproof $COH $LULU

Nothing is recession proof. Except maybe bourbon and scotch.

JeffReevesIP: $LULU a bargain? Hard to find "low double digit growth" anywhere these days...but also hard to ignore macro slowdown & general Wall St. fear.

Fear? What fear? The CNNMoney Fear & Greed Index has surged from a low of 7 last week all the way to 16! Oh. That's still "Extreme Fear." As you were.

retail_guru: For most part $LULU guidance looks likes repeat of what they did for Q1 just reported - guide below street & beat that #. #samescript

So what you're saying is that Lululemon is the Apple (AAPL) of yoga? Namaste.

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