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Best of StockTwits: $RIMM of destruction

May 30, 2012: 1:05 PM ET

The only thing harder than finding someone who is bullish about Facebook (FB) stock is finding someone with a good thing to say about Research in Motion (RIMM).

cfrazierjr: $RIMM had a good run! was a good 10+ years, but it had an $IBM moment and fell of the perch! RIP $RIMM

The big difference between RIM and IBM (IBM) though is that Big Blue did succeed in reinventing itself. It's not clear that RIM is even trying to change its strategy.  It's stubbornly sticking with the mantra that BlackBerry 10 will save the company.

herbgreenberg: $RIMM is a classic example of a co whose CEOs could have learned a Thing/2 from Andy Grove's "Only the Paranoid Survive."

Indeed. And Intel (INTC), much like IBM, also realized it had to adapt to a rapidly changing tech world.

Ktr8der: Meanwhile, $RIMM runs a full page ad for the Playbook in today's wsj. Yeah, that'll help. #not

ACE52WeekHigh: $RIMM is $PALM all over again.. lol call up $HPQ maybe they can kill this too

Ouch and ouch. I somehow doubt that Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) will make the same mistake twice. Maybe someone will buy RIM for the patents. But as I joked in today's Buzz video, the best you can say for RIM is that the 2 and-a-half year-old Baby Buzz likes using my company-issued phone as a toy. Perhaps Hasbro (HAS) or Mattel (MAT) should buy RIM. You sank my BlackBerry! BlackBerry Barbie?

Finally, I promised Buzz readers over on Twitter yesterday that the person who supplied the best punchline to my 3 Facebook hackers walk into a bar joke would get a shout-out today. Your winner is Alfonso Carrillo!

Hilarious. If the $FB rumors are true, will they call it the fPhone?

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